Psychic Development Training Programme Module 1

The aim of this course is to give students a theoretical and practical introduction into energy management and psychic and mediumship development.

The outcome of this course is for each student to know how to

* manage, and psychically connect with, their energy body

* psychically communicate with people, animals and nature

* work as a medium

* work with their spirit guide

* navigate into non ordinary reality

Modules 2 and 3 explore psychic and mediumship deeper and includes shamanic journeying and various shamanic practices. Each module is 12 weeks long.

Course theory

* The 4 subtle energy bodies

* The 7 main chakras of the body

* The 5 chakras and the new energy body

* The aura

* Clearing, grounding, protection of the energy body

* The 6 common psychic senses and how to access them

* The 3 brains and their functions

* The 12 meditation techniques for psychic development

* The 5 brainwave states

* Signs and symbols

* Receiving clear and accurate psychic messages

* Psychometry

* Animal communication

* The 3 worlds of non-ordinary reality

* The map of the upper world

* How to access the upper world for mediumship

* The four different types of mediumship

* Spirit guides versus the power animals

Course practical

* Guided exercises to open and close your chakras as well as clear, cleanse, ground and protect your energy body

* A guided exercise to access your most dominant psychic sense

* Guided exercises to journey into your chakras to receive signs, symbols and/or psychic messages for yourself

* A guided exercise to psychically communicate with an object from nature (psychometry)

* A guided exercise to psychically communicate with an animal 

* Guided exercises to experience different meditation techniques that support psychic expansion

* A guided journey to meet with your upper world spirit guide

* A guided group journey to meet with a discarnate being in the upper world

* Guided journeys to support you to connect psychically with someone in the group

Each student will give two psychic readings to someone in the group (and receive two) and give one shared group mediumship reading.

Next course dates, time and venue

Date: Monday 5 September to Monday 21 November 2022 (12 consecutive weeks)

Time: 17h30 – 19h00 SAST (click here for your local time)

Venue: Online via Zoom. Each lesson is recorded.


Cost: $700 / R8,500 one off payment or $250 / R3,000 x three payments (September, October, November).

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For further information

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