Surrendering into the Heart online meditation course

The cost of this ten day course is your choice:   £12 / £22 / £30.

Please email Claire to order your course, which will be available from April 2019.

You may wish to listen to a free “Surrender into your Heart” meditation here.


This is a ten day journey to help you to surrender into, and live from, your heart.

It has been written in such a way that we release anything that is blocking our connection to our hearts, so that we can live a life of peace, love and joy.

We explore the themes of Letting Go, Connection, Courage, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Receiving and Giving, Appreciation and Joy. I begin each meditation with an explanation of the theme (about 3 minutes) followed by the meditation (between 10-15 minutes). At the end of each meditation I bring you to love and light in your heart, and anchor you fully back into your heart and body.

During this ten day journey you will meet, and work with, your Heart Angel, Power Animal, Inner Child, someone who may have hurt you, Mother Earth, Angels, Light Beings, Dolphins and the Water spirit.

Each meditation follows on the from the one before, therefore it is important that this journey is done in consecutive order, and to complete the entire course.

Meditation 1 Meeting your Heart Angel

Today I give you an overview of the ten day course.

Our first meditation is a journey to meet your personal Heart Angel who will work with you throughout this ten day course. This Angel will transmit their divine love and light to you, which will prepare you for this journey of the heart.

Meditation 2 Letting Go

Now that we have met our Heart Angel and been filled with divine love and light, we can move on to letting go of anything that no longer serves us.

We sometimes hold onto a false sense of safety which can cause all sorts of blocks and unhealthy patterns of behaviour. The reason we create this false sense of safety is because somewhere in our lives we felt unsafe and not in control, and therefore we created this false sense of safety in order to protect our hearts. All this just blocks our pathway into our heart, and therefore as we surrender into our hearts it is important that we begin to explore what we can let go of, so that we can make way for true love and connection both with our own heart as well as the hearts of others.

Today you will let go of anything that you may be holding onto that no longer serves you or your heart.

You will do this with help from your Heart Angel and a sacred bonfire of transformation.

Meditation 3 Connection

Now that you have let go of everything that no longer serves you in your heart, we explore the theme of connection.

The world that we live in has become busy and frenetic, especially with the rise of technology and social media. We are busy and all that static electricity around us can cause us to disconnect from our heart. We don’t just disconnect from our own heart, but also from our bodies and Mother Earth.   The Earth provides constant nurturing and nourishment for us and in order for us to feel fully connected to ourselves we must feel connected to the Earth.

In this meditation you will meet, and connect with, the Great Mother Earth Spirit, sending her love and appreciation. You will receive a message from her as to how you can stay connected to yourself, your heart, and to the heart of the Earth.

Meditation 4 Courage

Now that you feel this strong connection both to yourself and to the earth, you are ready to meet with your Power animal who will help you to connect with your courage.

It is important to recognise that it takes courage to be vulnerable, to feel your emotions and to be true with yourself. The more we cover up and pretend we are okay when we are not, the more we cover up our heart and disconnect from ourselves. The more courage we have to be vulnerable and truthful, the deeper our connection to our hearts as well as the hearts of those around us. Many of us just want to be heard so the more we hear our own inner truthful voice, the more we are able to heal the past and reconnect with our heart. We may want to keep our heart closed for fear of being rejected or hurt or wounded but true freedom and safety comes from allowing our heart to be open and to have a voice no matter what is going on around us. We have the trust and faith that our heart is greater than any wound, any hurt and any rejection that we may have felt and that our heart has the capacity for infinite expansion and opening. This is really true courage.

In this meditation you will meet with your power animal, receive guidance from them about courage, as well as receive a symbol of courage from them.

Meditation 5 Acceptance

Now that you have met with your Power Animal and connected with your courage you can listen to, and accept, all parts of yourself.

One of the most important things that our heart needs to feel is acceptance. We cannot control how other people feel about us, and we cannot coerce anyone into accepting us.  The only responsibility, and control that we have, is to accept ourselves.

When we judge or belittle ourselves, we can separate from our heart. Our heart is like a little child, when it is feeling upset by something or confused, it just wants to be seen and heard. It does not want to be judged.  The seeing and the hearing brings acceptance to our heart and creates a sense of wholeness within our being.

When we truly accept everything about ourselves (good and bad), our life begins to take on a very powerful form in the world – because hey, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you – as long as you love and accept you!

In this meditation you will meet with your inner child, listening to what they would like to say to you, and receiving information from them on what they need from you in order to feel safe, loved and connected to you.

Meditation 6 Forgiveness

The more we listen to, and accept ourselves, the more we are able to listen to, and forgive those who may have hurt us. Yesterday we explored acceptance of self and now we can move on to forgiveness of others.

In order to forgive somebody, it is helpful to have compassion for their behaviour. Compassion does not mean that we agree with their behaviour or we accept their behaviour, what it means is that we are choosing to view their behaviour from a higher perspective of why they behaved a certain way.  Maybe you know of someone in your life who has treated you badly, maybe their behaviour was even despicable. When we begin to see their wounding that causes them to treat us that way, we can begin to open up to the possibility of compassion towards them. And when we open up to the possibility of compassion, we open up to the possibility of forgiveness. Even if you do not get to know what their wound is that caused them to behave in a certain way, just the understanding that their behaviour must have come from a place of wounding is helpful in the forgiveness process.

Forgiveness does not mean that we allow a certain behaviour or we agree with it. What it means is that we choose to no longer react to this person in a negative way. It allows the energy of that behaviour be released from our heart so that we no longer have to carry it around with us. The more we hold onto resentment of others, the more we block our heart from being open and loving.

Compassion and Forgiveness may mean moving away from a relationship. Or it may mean continuing the relationship, but in a more healthy and loving way.

In this meditation you will meet with someone who you have felt hurt by, either in the past or present. You will tell them how you feel (or felt at the time) and you will give them an opportunity to tell you what was going on for them and why they treated you like that. You will both get the opportunity to speak your truth, and then come to a peaceful letting go and forgiveness. You will do this with help from your Heart Angel.

Meditation 7 – Receiving and Giving

Yesterday we explored the theme of forgiveness and now we can open our hearts to receive the love that we so desire. The reason we do this after forgiveness is because the more we forgive, and let go, the more open our heart is to receive and give true love.

You may have noticed that I have called the theme: Receiving and Giving .. not Giving and Receiving. The reason for this is that when our heart is full, it naturally spills over to give to others without even thinking about it.   You know that feeling when you first meet a new love, your heart is so full and you are on cloud nine that you naturally are able to share all that love with everyone you come into contact with! Your heart gives to others naturally, because this is our natural state of being.

When we give, without receiving, we can feel depleted. It is important that we give and receive in equal amounts as this is the natural state of the heart.

Some of us find it easier to give, than to receive. This may be because in the past when your heart was open to receive, you may have been hurt or rejected.

By making the subtle shift into softening, opening and allowing ourselves to receive, as well as give,  we can truly live in a space of harmony, equilibrium, love and abundance.

In this meditation you will be transported by divine white light to Heavenly Light Beings and receive rainbow blessings and love from the Angels. You will then give this love to a person or animal whom you love dearly, and then allow that love to expand further to your friends and family to your community, the world etc.

Meditation 8 Appreciation

With so much love in our heart, both in receiving and giving, we are able to open up to honest appreciation of ourselves and everything around us because we are seeing the world through the eyes of love.  So as we explored the theme of receiving and giving love yesterday we can now open up to true, loving appreciation.

Like attracts like, so whatever we are feeling is going to be what we attract to ourselves. When we focus on lack, we experience lack.  When we focus on negative, we experience negative. When we focus on appreciation, we begin to attract so much into our lives to be appreciative for! It really is a very powerful practice and can shift one’s life in a positive way, in an instant.

Today’s meditation is going to take a slightly different form. I am going to lead you through three appreciation practises where I will explain to you what to do, then I will leave you for two minutes to do the practice, and then we will move onto the next practice.

Meditation 9 Joy

Appreciation can open us up to experience joy and so today’s theme is opening up to experience utmost joy in our lives.

The Heart loves to feel Joy as this connects us to our deepest, most pure essence of our being.

A child knows how to feel joy, but quite often, due to life that happens around us as we get older may begin to lose our sense of Joy. This is because at some point life becomes a chore, it becomes hard work and it becomes serious.  The more we can remember our joy, which I believe is our natural state of being, the more we open our heart as well as open and expand our energy body.  When we feel Joy we open ourselves up to experience an infinite amount of love and abundance because the frequency of Joy supersedes this dense physical world that we live in and so it truly can be the portal through which we connect to magic, miracles and all things heavenly.

In today’s meditation you will be transported into a beautiful body of still water where you will surrender into this space. Dolphins will surround you and sound their love and joy towards you. They will play with you and take you on a joyful journey through the water with them. During this time you will glimpse yourself as a child doing the things you loved doing. You will receive all that joy back into your heart to help you to remember what you love doing and to live with joy.

Meditation 10 Integration

This final day is about anchoring and embodying pure love and connection to yourself.

You will send love to, and connect with, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

It is a grounded and loving way to complete this journey of Surrendering into your Heart.