Retreats & Workshops with Claire

Upcoming workshops and Retreat in the UK

Shamanic Breathwork Journey

Thursday, 27th July 2023

*Open to everyone*
Conscious connected breathing (CCB) is a breath that is connected. There is no space between the in and out breath. As we breathe in this connected, circular, way, we move through the layers of the four bodies, the densest being the first layer (physical body) followed by the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. There can often be a strong emotional or physiological release.
See here for further information on Claire’s shamanic breathwork journeys as well as the benefits of conscious connected breathing.
Venue: Colet House, London, W14
Time: 18h30 – 20h30
Exchange: £40

Crystal Connections

Saturday, 29th July 2023

*Open to Conscious Community members and Psychic Development Students only*

A morning of deepening your connection with your crystal/s in nature.

We will explore the different ways we can work with our crystals, including healing for self and crystal grids for the earth. Teaching and practical exercises included.

Bring a veggie plate to share (picnic lunch).

Bring your own crystals.

Venue: Chiswick House and Gardens (outside, in nature)
Time: 09h30 – 13h30
Exchange: £40

Exhale! Morning Retreat

Saturday, 26th August 2023

*Open to Everyone*

Holotropic Breathwork & Gentle Intuitive Dance

This is a morning of returning to self through a shamanic breathwork journey, and a gentle intuitive dance.

See here for information on holotropic breathwork (the shamanic breathwork journey).

No experience necessary.

Bring own yoga mat, pillow and blanket.

Fruit and nuts, as well as herbal teas provided. 

Venue: Colet House, London, W14
Time: 09h30 – 13h00
Exchange: £50

Retreats & Workshops

Retreat in 2023, South Africa

Claire’s next retreat in the Western Cape, South Africa is on Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th November 2023, at Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat.

 Please register your interest here , and Claire will send you more information in due course.
Here are some pics from Claire’s last retreat, held at Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat.