Intuitive Coaching sessions


Each session is 60 minutes long.  You can have just one session however it is advised to attend a few sessions (weekly or twice per month) so that the story of your life can unfold in it’s own time, and more and more clarity can be revealed as we expand over time.

Some clients do come for just one session as that is all they need to gain clarity or to shift something. Others may work with me on a weekly basis over a period of around three to six months. Others choose to come to me every so often (say once every six weeks) for a “check in” to make sure that they are on the “right track” or to gain a deeper clarity and understanding into a certain issue or issues that have arisen.

The type of people who come to see me are … multi-faceted!  Over the years I have worked with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Addicts, Doctors, Secretaries, Teachers, Chefs, Grandparents, Office Workers, Handy Men, Surgeons, Celebrities, Parents, Nurses, Models, Artists, Estate Agents, Lawyers, Paraplegics, Iron Men, Retiree’s, Psychologists, Homeless Men and Women, Accountants.

My current clients live in a variety of different places like South Africa, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Italy, Bali, Mauritius, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Sydney, Berlin and Holland.  I love to work with people all over the globe. The joy of online working!

Generally, clients come to see me about limiting fears, blocks or patterns of behaviour or issues that they do not understand, relating to relationships, money, career, health, family issues, love, purpose and direction.  The client will talk to me about their issue and then I will receive channelled information relating to the root cause of this issue as well as guidance around how to transform this behaviour and move forward in a positive, empowered and clear way.

The channelled information for the client is of a “spiritual” nature and thus gives us an elevated birds eye view on why this issue is occurring from the clarity of the soul and spirit, rather than the ego and physical form which can sometimes be distorted. Once we receive the “spiritual” information I then bring that down a level so to speak and, using intuition and coaching techniques, I guide the client with practical steps, tools and techniques to help them to transform this issue or situation.  So the session is a mixture of spiritual channelled information, intuition and coaching.  There is often “homework” to do to integrate the information from the session.

I have noticed that the clients who

1) have a strong desire to change or to see their life clearly

2) have a strong intention on what they want to change or understand deeper

3) implement the work as discussed in the session

4) remain dedicated to their process

5) are willing and open

tend to be the ones who shift dramatically for the better and retain positive long-lasting changes in their lives.

I simply love these sessions. I learn from these sessions daily. I learn from my clients daily. I feel totally blessed and humbled to somehow be able to play a part in the stories of those who cross my path.

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If you have booked in a session with Claire – here are the payment details. Each session is one hour and R1,000 or $130. If you pay upfront for two or more sessions you receive various discounts.

Number of Sessions

For USD $ payments, please select the relevant option below:

 If you are paying in Rands, please send your EFT to the below bank account, with your name as reference. Please note that this option is for South African residents only, with a South African bank account.

For ZAR Rands payments, please see the pricing structure below and when making your booking we will send you the payment info.

1 session – R1,000.00; 2 sessions – R1,950.00; 3 sessions – R2,900.00; 4 sessions – R3,850.00; 5 sessions – R4,800.00; 6 sessions – R5,750.00

Name: Miss C P Creighton
Bank: Standard Bank
Account: 073599530
Branch: 025009

Some clients find it helpful to do my online healing meditation journey alongside their session/s.