Get your life on track! sessions


This is an intellectual intuitive system that has been created to help you live with direction, focus and heart in all areas of your life.

Are there any area/s of your life feel out of whack?  Maybe you are on top of your health but not your money. Perhaps you have a great relationship with your money but struggling with a love relationship. Maybe your career is going well but you are experiencing family issues.

This methodical, yet intuitive, system creates a personal map for you for all areas of your life. You can refer to this map daily to help keep you on track and remind you what road you are on, where you are headed, and how to get there.

You may choose to focus on one area that feels challenging right now, or you may wish to focus on a few areas, or perhaps all of the seven areas.

The different areas are:

Health, Love, Family, Money, Career, Spiritual, Lifestyle

There are three steps per area that create the map.

1. Vision

Where are you headed?

By accessing the essence of what it is you truly desire within that particular area of your life, you create the vision of what you are travelling towards.

2. Blocks

What is preventing you?

Here you find and release the “road blocks” along the way. This could be limiting beliefs, fears, blocks or patterns of behaviour that cause you to stumble, go down a wrong path, or just stop all together.

3. Strategy and Actions

How do you live this truth?

Here you implement new patterns of behaviour and positive beliefs to support you to live your heart’s true desire. You will also create a practical action plan.

During the sessions I use channelled spiritual guidance to help you to get clear on your vision, blocks and actions. We will use simple shamanic techniques to help you release the limiting behaviours, and implement new ones. I also use intuition and coaching techniques to guide you through the process.

There is simple and short homework to complete between the sessions in order to integrate the work.

Each theme requires three sessions @ 60 minutes each.   So for example, if you wish to work on one theme, you book three sessions, three themes you book nine, seven themes you book 21 sessions.

Once a week is best (with the occasional week missed if need be if you are booking more than one theme.)

If you pay upfront for two or more themes (ie six or more sessions) you receive various discounts.

For $ dollar payments, please see the pricing structure below, select the relevant number of sessions and click the “buy now” button.  For ZAR Rands payments, please see the pricing structure below and when making your booking we will send you the banking info for your EFT payment.

Number of Sessions

3 sessions (1 theme) R2,640;  6 sessions (2 themes) R5,180;  9 sessions (3 themes) R7,720;  12 sessions (4 themes) R10,260;  15 sessions (5 themes) R12,800;  18 sessions (6 themes) R15,340;  21 sessions (7 themes) R17,880

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