Mission and Purpose Sessions


Many of us have experienced soul loss, resulting in a spiritual amnesia and “forgotten purpose” – both individually as well as a collective. We are now all being called to anchor fully into our purpose and allow our unique gifts, talents, skills and light to shine outwards.

The more we “wake up” the more we can take our power back and live how we are supposed to – with purpose and inspiration.

In these sessions I will help you to

* remember who you are as a unique being

* know your personal purpose

* release blocks or fears or limiting beliefs preventing you from living this purpose

* create action plans to live this purpose

There is simple and short homework to complete between the sessions in order to integrate the work.

The channeled information for the client is of a “spiritual” nature and thus gives us an elevated birds eye view on what the client’s unique purpose is. Once we receive the “spiritual” information we then bring that down a level so to speak and, using intuition and coaching techniques, I guide the client with practical steps, tools and techniques to help them to release the blocks and manifest this vision and purpose.

Whilst there is a structure to the programme there is a fluidity too. Some shamanic practices may be included like soul retrieval, or inner child integration work, as well as EFT (emotional freedom technique).

I have noticed that the clients who

1. have a strong desire to know their purpose

2. remain open to the process

3. implement the work as discussed in the sessions

4. remain dedicated to their process

tend to be the ones who make positive life-long changes and shift strongly into their purpose.

The package consists of six sessions. Each session costs R900 / $100 and is to be paid per session. Alternatively, if you pay upfront for all six sessions you pay a discounted rate (total R5,275 or $575).

Click to pay below (for USD $). For ZAR Rands payments, when making your booking we will send you the banking info for your EFT payment.

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