Shamanic Soul Retrieval with Claire Creighton and Makgathi Mokwena
Psychic Development Radio Interview with Claire Creighton and Shado Twala, SAfm
Zone Radio Interview with Claire Creighton and Alain Howes about Shamanic Healing.

Your HEART knows the answer! Here is a short meditation to connect to your heart and receive insight into an answer you have been looking for.

This is a simple meditation with music to help you to connect with, and surrender into, your heart. 

This is a guided practice with soft background music. You will be met by a loving being who will transmit divine love and compassion to you.

This shamanic drumming track helps us to release the “nasties” so to speak, and to reactivate our spiritual power and prowess in the world. In the first part you will release all that no longer serves you, then you will move, shake and dance your power.

Before you listen to this drum, think of something that is blocking you living in your power (such as fear of change). In the first part of the drum, you will move, sound and shake this block out of your body.

Sunrise Shamanic Drumming in Cape Town with Claire Creighton, Mpharu Holyi and Anna Nel.

Shamanic Drumming at Noordhoek Beach

A sunset with love from Cape Town