Spirit release is an empowering way to cleanse and clear the mind, body or soul of anything that is having a negative effect on the person.

Some causes of a spirit attachment are from a negative thought form (a thought or thoughts from the client towards themselves or from someone towards the client), it could be caused by some form of psychic attack on the person, it could also be caused from “picking up” someone else’s negative energy.

Working in an altered state of consciousness, the shamanic healer can see the spirit attachment, where it has originated from and why. The shamanic healer is able to remove this misplaced energy on behalf of the client, however it is up to the client to continue this journey of healing by doing the homework that is set by the practitioner.

Some symptoms of spirit attachment are localised pain or some form of  disease, chronic bad luck, chronic anger, depression, a sudden change in personality, some mental illnesses.

Claire does not offer spirit release sessions anymore. Please contact her for a referral.