Soul retrieval is a powerful form of healing which can bring about a deep sense of reconnection, wholeness and inspiration to the person. There are many different reasons why we may experience a soul loss and it is the shamanic healer’s role to journey to the source of this reason, and to bring back the soul part that dissociated at that moment.

Generally speaking, the soul can dissociate from itself at the moment when a trauma, or perceived trauma, is experienced.

Some symptoms of soul loss are: addictions (this can also be a cause), post traumatic stress disorder, disempowering patterns of behaviour, co-dependent relationships, lack of purpose, feeling unsafe, inability to create abundance, feeling powerless, feeling uninspired, searching for something, inability to settle, disconnected, anxiety, depression, low, empty, unmotivated. This list is not exhaustive.

I suggest to my clients that they do this heart meditation journey prior to coming for your soul retrieval session (although this is not a pre-requisite).

To watch an interview with Claire about soul retrieval click here.


My Soul Retrieval Session (Marie, June 2018)

“I was suffering with severe anxiety when in groups and a feeling that I was not good enough.

I went to Claire for a healing and this is what happened:

For many years I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I would leave my body intensely, and often, and I would do this over and over again. Claire saw that a soul part had left me because of this, but that the soul part wouldn’t come back right now. First, I had to go away and work on myself, I had to love myself enough and make sure that this house (me) was exactly the house she wanted to live in. I had to be trustworthy enough for this soul part to come back in and that took work, it took focus, it took patience and it took love. It made me responsible in getting my soul part back and so I got my vessel, my body, me, ready. Claire gave me the homework to do and I went off and did it.

After I did the work on myself, I went back to Claire and it was an amazing session of reuniting with my soul part after 20 years of separation.

About two weeks later I attended a training with a lot of people I had never met before. Without even realising it, this time my voice was saying to me over and over again: “It’s okay to be me”. I suddenly realised that this anxiety I had had for over twenty years, this anxiety that felt so normal to me was now absent. I realised that I had been so scared and anxious my entire life but now I felt a feeling of expansiveness, being accepted, feeling whole, an overwhelming sense of peace inside, happiness.

This will be probably the biggest flip and change in my life that I will refer to when I am 90 years old because this has changed everything, absolutely everything. I have had lots of healings and therapy throughout my life, but to experience this incredible sense of safety and peace that I have never ever experienced before in mind-blowing. And the sad thing is that I never even knew that I could feel this.

That’s the power of soul retrieval for me.”

My Soul Retrieval Session (A, June 2018)

“Soul retrieval has completely changed my life. I started seeing Claire about a year ago and also did her shamanic journey course. It has had quite a dramatic effect on my life. As I understand soul retrieval, it’s about taking your power back. I have lost most of my friends since starting this journey but made amazing new ones. I have done a lot of work on my relationship with my mother. I never spoke to her about it or worked on anything with her. I just did the shamanic work with Claire and on my own and it shifted so much that I can now talk to her about my life with a lot more openness and I have also shifted a lot of stuff in my family, because once I started taking back my power everything around me started changing. I went home for Christmas last year and really dreaded it because I always felt like the outsider of the family. Inevitably I had a fight with my mom and sister and as usual no-one talked about it afterwards. But because of all the work I have done I just felt that not saying how I feel and being in my power and true to myself goes against everything I’m becoming. So I gathered all my courage and went to talk to my mom and then my sister and within an hour my whole family was talking to each other about all the buried stuff that no-one ever talked about. I just stood there in amazement of how a shift in yourself can cause change in a whole group of people. The most amazing thing was the love I felt during each retrieval. I have never experienced that kind of unconditional love that I have experienced during my sessions with Claire. And that is something I can recall when I feel a bit off centre and I will always be grateful for that.

Every aspect of my life has changed. I don’t have that nagging feeling of not being good enough anymore. And because I’ve learnt to love myself, I could open myself to love from other people and that has changed all my relationships. I even met the man of my drams after 4 years of being single.

The most wonderful thing about this work for me is that you just have to do the work on yourself and then watch the world change accordingly.

I have been to traditional therapy for six years and I have had more progress in the last year than in the six years of that.”