Ancestral healing is a powerful way to bring healing not just to ourselves but to those who came before us and those who come after us.

When a person passes into the spirit world, if they pass over with unresolved wounds or traumas they may be holding onto the said wound, or trauma. This can cause a ripple effect down the blood (or adopted) line and cause us to experience life from the place of that very wounding.  We may also feel that, to honour the ancestors, we must hold onto their grief and pain where in actual fact to honour them is to bring their experience into the light and set them free from the cording to that wound.

In an ancestral healing, the shamanic practitioner will journey in an altered state to the ancestor/s of the client, witness their story and bring whatever healing is required to the ancestors in order for them to release the wound or trauma.  The client would also need to perform some type of honouring of their ancestors (for example this could be a pilgrimage or cooking their favourite meal, swimming in their favourite ocean etc).