Foundation Course


The Psychic Development Foundation Course is a live online certified course that meets weekly for eight weeks. Each session is 90 minutes long. There is suggested homework between the weeks. 




·     7 Chakras and the Energy Body

·     Grounding the Energy Body

·     Protecting the Energy Body

·     Cleansing the Energy Body

·     What is a Psychic 

·     What is a Medium

·     What is a Shaman

·     Meditation techniques

·     The six common psychic senses

·     The three worlds of ordinary and non ordinary reality

·     Psychometry 

·     Flow Writing

·     Channel Writing

·     Finding your dominant psychic sense

·     Giving yourself a psychic reading

·     Giving a psychic reading to a client





You will be guided in various meditations and journeys to


·     Ground, cleanse and protect your energy body

·     Find your dominant psychic sense

·     Do a psychic reading for yourself

·     Do a psychic reading with an object from nature (psychometry) 

·     Do a psychic reading for a client

·     Do a channeled writing and a flow writing exercise


The next intake is on Monday 23 October to Monday 11 December 2023. The cost is either one payment of $450/R5000 (due by Monday 2 October) or 2 instalments of $240/R2700 (second payment to be made by Thursday 30 November).


For more information, or to register your interest, please contact Claire on



For South African residents with a South African bank account only (ZAR R payment):

Bank: Standard Bank, Name: Miss C P Creighton, Account number: 073599530, Branch code: 025009. Send your proof of payment to

For everyone else (USD $ payment):

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