Conscious Community Membership Program


What is the Conscious Community?  The Conscious Community is an online membership program where we gather from around the globe to learn, grow and heal together in a conscious, supportive and open-hearted way. This is a great space to deepen your psychic skills as well as learn various subjects such as mediumship, shamanism, energy healing, breathwork, manifestation (see list below).

What will I learn? Each session involves a specific teaching and healings from Claire as well as time to practice the relevant teachings and healings.

Some examples of themes covered are

Psychic Development * Chakras * Mediumship * Meditation * Spirit Guides * Connecting with Loved Ones in Spirit * Working with Crystals * Breathwork * Inner Child Healing * Soul Retrieval * Tools for stress and anxiety relief * Relaxation Techniques * Shamanic Journeying * Ancestral Healing * Elemental Work  * Working with Divination Tools * Conscious Dreaming * Astral Travel * Remote Viewing * Activating and working with the 12D Light Body * Scrying * Defining your Purpose * Channel Writing * Working with Power Animals * Using EFT (emotional freedom technique) for healing * Psychic Readings * Card Readings 

Are there other teachers besides Claire? Yes, Claire invites a guest speaker four times per year to share their field of expertise with the members. 

Term 1: Nicolette Grauso ‘Foundations of working with crystals’ (13 February)

Term 2: Caroline Dearlove ‘Crystal grids – working intuitively with the earth’ (12 June)

Term 3: Tracy Brownlee ‘From inner demons to resourceful allies’ (7 August)

Term 4: Kate Muller ‘Animal communication’ (6 November)

Is there homework?  There is suggested home practice between the weeks in order to integrate that week’s teaching or healing. This is not essential but will help to strengthen your spiritual gifts

Do we get to practice on other people? In these groups there is an opportunity to practice what you have learned on each other (as well as invited guests occasionally) thus strengthening your skills.

How does Claire work? Claire’s teachings are spirit led. Whilst structured, she works in a fluid way allowing the flow of spirit to show her what teaching is in alignment for that session and all those attending. There is generally a theme that threads through for a few weeks until the next theme shows up.

Is it only online? The weekly sessions are online. The workshops and retreats are in person where you have the opportunity to meet each other in person, and to deepen your skills. These are held in South Africa, the UK and Europe.  Please click here for information on the next events coming up in the UK. 

What if I miss a session? It is no problem to miss a session. Each session is recorded so you can catch up during the week.

Can anyone join? The Conscious Community Membership Program is open to anyone who has completed the Psychic Development Foundation with Claire. 

Can I chat with Claire before deciding? Yes, you can contact Claire here to set up a time for a call.

When are the sessions?  The online sessions are held on Mondays for 90 minutes, at 09h30 SAST / 08h30 United Kingdom / 09h30 Europe. (Please note that these are summer times; it will be one hour earlier during the winter if you are based in the Northern Hemisphere). Each ‘term’ is three months long and there are nine sessions within that three month period. The fourth and final ‘term’ for this year is 16 October to 11 December.

How much is it to join? It is $450.00 / R4,950.00 per term. This gives you access to all the live sessions and if you miss a session you will receive the recording. There are also other payment options should you wish to drop in per session, attend three, or six sessions only (all to be used within that term). For these options you will not receive the recording of the sessions you have not paid for. See payment options below.

I am ready! How do I sign up? Please book your spot with Claire here. Then please pay using the links / information below. 

There are two ways to pay, in USD $ or ZAR. To pay in USD $, select the relevant PayPal button below. To pay in ZAR, see information underneath that.

Conscious Community ~ October, November, December 2023

If you are paying in Rands, please send your EFT to the below bank account, with your name as reference. Please send your proof of payment to

The payment options are:

R4950.00 – whole term (nine sessions); R3600.00 – six sessions; R1950.00 – three sessions; R700 – one session.

Please note that this option is for South African residents only, with a South African bank account.

Name: Miss C P Creighton
Bank: Standard Bank
Account: 073599530
Branch: 025009