Surrendering into the Heart audio meditation journey

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This is a guided journey of 10 meditations to help you to surrender into, and live from, your heart.

The journey will help you to release anything that is blocking your connection to your heart, so that you can live a life of peace, love and joy.

I begin each meditation with an explanation of the theme (about 3 minutes) followed by the meditation (between 10-17 minutes). At the end of each meditation I bring you to love and light in your heart, and anchor you fully back into your heart and body.

During this journey you will meet, and work with, your Heart Angel, Power Animal, Inner Child, someone who may have hurt you, Mother Earth, Angels, Light Beings, Dolphins and the Water spirit.

Each meditation follows on the from the one before, therefore it is important that this journey is done in consecutive order, and to complete the entire course.

Meditation 1: Meeting your Heart Angel (13 minutes)

Meditation 2: Letting Go (15 minutes)

Meditation 3: Connection (15 minutes)

Meditation 4: Courage (14 minutes)

Meditation 5: Acceptance (11 minutes)

Meditation 6: Forgiveness (14 minutes)

Meditation 7: Receiving and Giving (20 minutes)

Meditation 8: Appreciation (16 minutes)

Meditation 9: Joy (15 minutes)

Meditation 10: Integration (13 minutes)


Purchasing information:

R250.00 (* Launch special until end May 2019)

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