Shamanic day of connection

Date: Saturday 5 October 2019
Time: 10am – 430pm
Venue: Wynberg
Cost: R800.00

Heart * Spirit * Purpose

Please join me for a shamanic day of connection to your heart, your spirit, your purpose.

We will surrender into the heart, journey towards spirit and expand into our soul’s purpose – both as a collective as well as your unique purpose and gift for the world.

“As we surrender into the heart and connect with the great spirit, the path of our true calling emerges like a butterfly from the cocoon”.

The day will be filled with spiritual teachings, channeled meditations, shamanic journeying with live drumming, creativity, discussion and journaling. All the exercises have been created to help us to reconnect with our heart and spirit and reveal (and understand deeper) our purpose. There are practical processes too, to help get clear (or clearer) on your purpose, as well as how to live your calling as we enter into this new consciousness.

You do not need any meditation or shamanic journeying experience, just a willingness to connect deeply with your heart, your spirit, and your purpose.

For further information, or to book, please email or call me on 076 8995192.


I have attended Claire’s Shamanic day of connection where we worked on Purpose. I absolutely loved it. It really struck me when she said ‘your purpose is not your career’. It made me realize that your core purpose is the thing that is behind every part of your life. Your lovelife, friendships, work, finances, health, everything. It’s about finding your core purpose and then to bring that to everything you do.

Claire’s workshop is really powerful as it brings you to your CORE purpose and when you know that you can let that infiltrate every part of your life consciously to get to a point where you can live a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

I felt so inspired after her workshop, because I realized I lost my purpose in my life, but also in my business. And she gave me very insightful and intuitive tools to get back on track.

I’m very grateful Claire!!

(A.N 10 September 2019)