This is a shamanic guided journey of 10 healing meditations to help you to surrender into, and live from, your heart.

“This new decade is a time to give birth to a new consciousness as we take the gifts of the past and embody the lessons and teachings that we personally experience. It is a time of heart-led decisions and choices and we are to “step outside” and bring our beautiful embodied selves to the world”.

The shamanic healing journey will help you to release anything that is blocking your connection to your heart, so that you can truly embody the divine life that you are here to live. You will go on various journeys both to the middle world and the upper world.

You will be supported on this healing journey by your Guardian Angel and Power Animal. You will also work with the Divine Mother, Sacred Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Sacred Symbols, Divine Inner Child,  Angelic Light Beings and  Dolphins who will all bring you messages and guidance as well as healing.

It can be helpful to think of an intention prior to embarking on this journey. So, for instance, “to bring healing to a challenging relationship” “to bring healing to a certain illness” “to bring healing to a negative pattern of behaviour”.  Write the intention down prior to your journey, and after each meditation write down your notes and connect it to your original intention. It is especially important to write down any actions that you can take in order to move forward.

Equally, you may wish to do this journey without an intention, and just see what arises for you. Your heart will bring you what you need to know right now!

You can treat the entire journey like an unfolding story. Each meditation journey follows the one before.

You can repeat this journey as many times as you wish. Every time I do it, I have a completely different experience, with different messages and healings !

This journey will also help those who are wanting to create a relationship with their Guardian Angel and Power Animal. It will also help those who are wanting to expand their psychic/spiritual awareness.

You do not need any previous meditation or shamanic experience.

Meditation Journey 1: Meeting your Heart Angel (13 minutes)

Today I give you an overview of the 10 day course. You will also meet your personal Heart Angel who will work with you throughout this 10 day course. Your Angel will transmit their divine love and light to you, which will prepare you for this journey of the heart.

Meditation Journey 2: Letting Go (15 minutes)

Today you will let go of anything that you may be holding onto that no longer serves you or your heart. You will do this with help from your Heart Angel and a sacred bonfire of transformation.

Meditation Journey 3: Connection (15 minutes)

In this meditation you will meet, and connect with, the Great Mother Earth Spirit, sending her love and appreciation. You will receive a message from her as to how you can stay connected to yourself, your heart, and to the heart of the Divine Mother.

Meditation Journey 4: Courage (14 minutes)

In this meditation you will meet with your power animal, receive guidance from them about courage, as well as receive a symbol of courage from them.

Meditation Journey 5: Acceptance (11 minutes)

In this meditation you will meet with your inner child and give them love and warmth to help them to feel safe, loved and connected to you.

Meditation Journey 6: Forgiveness (14 minutes)

In this meditation you will meet with someone who you have felt hurt by, either in the past or present. You will tell them how you feel (or felt at the time) and you will give them an opportunity to tell you what was going on for them and why they treated you like that. You will both get the opportunity to speak your truth, and then come to a peaceful letting go and forgiveness. You will do this with help from your Heart Angel.

Meditation Journey 7: Receiving and Giving (20 minutes)

In this meditation you will be transported by divine white light to Heavenly Light Beings and receive rainbow blessings and love from the Angels. You will then give this love to a person or animal whom you love dearly, and then allow that love to expand further to your friends and family to your community, the world etc.

Meditation Journey 8: Appreciation (16 minutes)

Today’s meditation is going to take a slightly different form. I lead you through three appreciation practices where I will explain to you what to do, then I will leave you for two minutes to do the practice, and then we will move onto the next practice.

Meditation Journey 9: Joy (15 minutes)

In today’s meditation you will be transported into a beautiful body of still water where you will surrender into this space. Dolphins will surround you and sound their love and joy towards you. They will play with you and take you on a joyful journey through the water with them. During this time you will glimpse yourself as a child doing the things you loved doing. You will receive all that joy back into your heart to help you to remember what you love doing and to live with joy.

Meditation Journey 10: Integration (13 minutes)

This final day is about anchoring and embodying pure love and connection to yourself.

You will send love to, and connect with, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

It is a grounded and loving way to complete this shamanic healing journey of Surrendering into your Heart.

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