Private Sessions


Claire holds one to one sessions at her Lemon Tree Studio in Capri Village near Fish Hoek, Cape Town. She also offers online sessions for clients based outside South Africa.

She offers two different types of sessions:

1. shamanic healing session

2. intuitive reading session

Clients in South Africa

Each shamanic healing is around 90 minutes long and is R1,250.00.  An intuitive reading is 60 minutes long and R880.00.  For these sessions you can pay via EFT once you have made your booking.

Clients outside South Africa

Claire does intuitive readings via Skype or Zoom for her clients based outside South Africa. These sessions are 60 minutes long and $90.00.  If you wish to pay in advance for two sessions or more, you receive a discount. Please see the various pricing structures and click the relevant PayPal “buy now” button.

Number of Sessions

Claire does distance shamanic healings (only if you have already met and worked with her) for her clients based outside South Africa.  A distance healing session is 90 minutes and $155.00. Please click here the buy now button to pay via PayPal.

What to expect from a shamanic healing:

* A new client will complete a new client questionnaire before the session (a new client will do this for an intuitive reading too)

* At the session we will chat for around 20-30 minutes

* The healing will then take place. The client lies on the healing bed and Claire will drum and journey into an altered state on behalf of the client to receive the information and pass on the healing that is required for the client

* This part of the session will usually last around 45 minutes to an hour

* At the end of the healing journey Claire will bring back the information that is necessary for the client to know. The client will invariably be given homework which helps to integrate the healing

* A follow up session/s may be required

For further information on the different types of shamanic healing that Claire offers please click here.