Claire’s main form of healing is shamanic. Her main focus of shamanic healing is soul retrieval. To watch an interview with Claire about soul retrieval, please click here.

A shamanic healer works in an altered state of consciousness, journeying to the source of the issue and bringing back information and healing for the client.

Shamans believe that at the root of any disease, discomfort or illness (be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) is misplaced or lost energy.  By extracting this misplaced energy (spirit release) and retrieving lost energy (power retrieval), deep transmutation and healing can be experienced by the client. Soul retrieval (bringing back soul parts which may have fled or been taken during times of trauma), psychopomp (helping lost spirits move on) and ancestral healing (healing loved ones in the spirit world) are all aspects of shamanic healing.

A shamanic healing is a profoundly powerful way to heal the mind, body and soul.

Claire may incorporate a variety of other healing techniques into her sessions should the need arise. Some of these techniques include inner child healing and EFT (emotional freedom technique). These different forms of healing complement and support the shamanic healing techniques.

Healing the self is an ongoing journey. In fact, I think a better term would be “remembering the self”. As one heals, or remembers, one peels back layers of the unconsciousness back into the wholeness of the self. I see it as an infinite journey into self.