A course like no other.

Date: Monday 28 October – Monday 2 December

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: Wynberg

Cost: R5,000.00 (early bird offer R4,400.00 if booked and paid upfront by Monday 14 October)

* * *

Your life has a purpose. The entire universe is an intelligent system. The universe that is your physical body is a multitude of systems all functioning with amazing perfection, and it too is an intelligent system. The invisible parts of you, your thoughts and feelings, are also part of the system that is you. That intelligence is invisible and can be described or spelled in any way that you choose; thousands of terms have been invented to describe it. But the intelligence is not the label, just as the statue is not the saint and the menu is not the meal. You are that intelligence from which you can never separate yourself, and you have a purpose.” Dr Wayne W Dyer